InstalPro Seal & Gasket Kit - Car Audio Acoustic Sound Deadening.

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Product Overview

Designed to add the finishing touch to your speakers aural output; this seal and gasket pack comprises of three primary elements:

1. A pair of diffusion tiles.

The diffusion tiles go directly behind the speaker and prevent back wave cancellation. This occurs when certain frequencies of waves emanate from the rear of the speaker and reflect off your doors outer metallic skin. These then come crashing back into the speaker creating a null in the linearity at a frequency point.

2. A pair of rear gasket rings.

The gaskets combat a physics phenomenon many overlook when mounting speakers; element path. For midbass to remain strong, accurate and punchy one side of the speaker must remain sealed from the other side. This is because when the cone moves it creates a high pressure cell on one side and a low pressure cell upon the other. Air, just like water; takes the easiest path. Therefore unless you've sealed your speakers and baffles the air (and bass) will simply disappear through the gaps.

3. A pair of front sealing rings.

The sealing rings mount to the front face of the speaker and provide a barrier between the speaker’s front edge and the door trim’s internal cavity. This results in your sound emanating through the grille and towards you, rather than half of it disappearing into the doors internal chamber and echoing about within.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review